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Saraamad Tejaarat Vaala, founded in 2018, as a exporter company and the headquarters are located in Tehran Iran.

Company registration number: 531417


Saraamad Tejaarat Vaala Company is supplying mainly to Middle East, North Africa, Europe and some Far Eastern Countries.

Our team has the experience, knowledge, expertise to provide our customers the best service with the most competitive prices. Our prestigious name and commitment to quality and customer care allowed us to supply countless projects in the world with great success.


Quality in every job, keeping the blending foreground with honesty and reliability Acceleration Dried Fruits ; Date ; Fruits ;Olive ; Saffron ; Sea Foods  professional business approach with customer expectations and requirements analysis for understanding the principle.



We are proud with our experienced buyers and inspectors personally travelling and selecting the best matching materials and selections available within Iran with the best prices possible to guarantee clients’ satisfaction. Moreover our strong buying power enable us to provide products falling well within a budgetary constraints.



Add a touch of natural beauty to your own world.

Provide the highest-quality services and products

Widen our network of clients internationally.

Being one of the leading companies in the region.

Apply the latest technology.



Our core values are:


Unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

Natural desire to exceed expectations

Integrity and Loyalty in all of our relationships

Quality materials at a fair price

Unparalleled selection

Equality and empowerment of our team


Customer Satisfaction

On-Time Delivery

Environmental Sensitivity

  • Ali Behboudi

    Ali Behboudi

    Chairman and CEO

  • Ali Rezaaei

    Ali Rezaaei

    Deputy of Public Relations

  • Hossein Seif

    Hossein Seif

    Vice Chairman

  • Jamaal Zaarei

    Jamaal Zaarei

    Member of the Board

  • Mahdi Soheilifar

    Mahdi Soheilifar

    Deputy of Research and Development